Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Library for RSS Feeds

I really would like to move to mobile development.  So much so that I have a strategy.  If I can't do so in my current position, I will continue to build up a series of libraries to help people build iOS applications.  Why iOS?  Just personal preference, really.  I'm also interested in Android and periodically poke around in there as well.  Rather than over analyzing which platform should I write code for, I decided to just write code.  I've got a Mac and an iPhone, so I'm good to go there.

So, my first published library is an RSS 2.0 feed reader for iOS called RssKit.  I'm working on taking the first complete application I wrote for the iOS (but never pushed to the app store), and breaking it down into individual libraries that might be re-usable.  The first is reading RSS 2.0.  Next will probably be downloading data in CSV format from a URL (although a little more flexible than that).  Third will probably the the ability to draw a candlestick chart for a stock.